What are the qualities of a top BDM?

“Business finance made simple” is the motto of Earlypay, a company that assists small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with invoice and debtor finance.

The company provides access to a flexible credit line and a realistic payment plan to help SMEs meet their cash flow needs, particularly during difficult economic conditions.

Now Earlypay Business development manager Tony Harmey (pictured above) has been honoured as one of Australian Broker’s 5-Star BDMs in 2023.

Earlypay has grown impressively in recent years despite pandemic-related issues in the SME sector. It recorded profits of $8.7 million and no losses in 2021. Thanks to its new online strategy and lending platform, Earlypay’s client numbers also increased and its loan book grew.

Harmey shares with Australian Broker what he believes are the most important attributes of a successful, award-winning BDM including:

  • product knowledge
  • being a good listener and asking the right questions
  • ability to build solid relationships, which involves the readiness to speak with clients any time
  • a growth mindset, which requires knowing the clients’ products and pain points
  • resilience in the face of challenges, and
  • empathy

In an interview with Australian Broker TV,  Harmey said that Earlypay helped businesses succeed by providing funds so they can grow at scale “without taking on additional debt. … It’s not really a loan, we just accelerate the advance on their debt”.

Earlypay also maintains close partnerships with brokers and educates them through a scholarship program, which has mentored 120 participants so far.

Complimenting Earlypay’s culture, Harmey said his managers were very supportive of his work. “I’ve got so many different avenues. I could reach out for any type of support [required] to move forward … so yes, it’s great. I love it.” 

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