How Long Should Law Firm Blogs Be?

The blogs you write for your law firm do not have to be a certain length.

If anyone tells you that your blogs need to be a number of characters or words, they are misinformed. Contrary to popular belief, blogs don’t need to be a certain word count to rank high in search engines. So you can ignore the 500, 750, or 1,000 word guideline you heard in the past.

A question we hear all of the time is, How long should my law firm’s blogs be? With this question attorneys are typically looking for a specific number of words they can use as a guideline for their legal content writers. But this metric is flawed. I mean, think about it. Why would a blog length determine how well you can answer the question in the best way possible?

Answer: It doesn’t. Instead it usually just causes writers to add fluff to their blog posts. And who does that help? Chances are it just annoys you and people are mostly skimming the content anyways.

So next time the correct question you should ask yourself is: does this blog answer the question quickly and comprehensively? If so, it’s worth getting it indexed and see what happens before you put in a lot more effort.

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