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IPTV Stalker Player is a robust IPTV player that allows you to stream IPTV content like live channels, movies, TV shows, and more using the M3U file of different IPTV providers. This IPTV player has an exemplary user interface and an impressive layout. It automatically categorizes the channels separately, such as sports, news, religion, entertainment, kids, and more. It also has a powerful inbuilt media player to stream IPTV content. Further, this application is officially available on the Google Play Store of Android devices.

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Key Features of IPTV Stalker Player

Supports HD & SD streaming Has a Favorites section
Offers parental controls Supports Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Provides responsive technical support Integrates with external players

Why Choose IPTV Stalker Player?

IPTV Stalker Player is an excellent platform to access multiple playlists in a single place. It categorizes playlists automatically to provide an easy streaming experience for the users. It also allows users to change the parental password often. There are even more stylish features for users to explore.

Stalker IPTV is legal to use as it doesn’t provide any content on its own. But the IPTV services you access with this player may be illegal. Determining whether IPTV is legal or not is quite an impossible task. But normally, it is believed that IPTV is illegal and is banned in many countries. To continue streaming the IPTV while avoiding any legal issues that may arise, you need to use a VPN. It helps you hide your location and IP address from hackers, ISPs, and more, thereby allowing you to remain anonymous when streaming the IPTV. So, we suggest you use ExpressVPN and NordVPN for better online security.

Subscription Price of IPTV Stalker Player

Stalker IPTV is a free IPTV player and does not need any subscription to stream IPTV content. If you want, you can try purchasing premium options provided by IPTV. The premium features cost between $2.49 $14.99.

Supported Devices of IPTV Stalker Player

Stalker IPTV can be installed on its supported devices mentioned here.

Supported Devices of IPTV Stalker Player

How to Install IPTV Stalker Player on Android Device

Since the IPTV Stalker app is available on the Google Play Store, you can install this app directly on your Android Smartphone.

1. Unlock your Android Smartphone and open Play Store.

2. Enter IPTV Stalker Player on the Search bar and search for it. Choose the official app from the search results.

3. Click Install to download the app from Play Store.

Click on Install

4. Once the installation is done, launch the IPTV app.

5. Type the MAC address, Username, and Portal URL of any IPTV provider.

6. Select Sign In and enjoy streaming any IPTV service on your Android device.

Select Sign In

How to Download Stalker IPTV on Firestick

You can use the Downloader app to sideload the IPTVStalker app on Firestick, as it doesn’t have native support. Here’s how to do it.

1. Start your Firestick device and locate the home screen.

2. Click the Search icon and enter Downloader on the Search bar.

Enter Downloader

3. Search and choose the app from the suggestion list. Then select Download to install it.

Select Download to stream Stalker IPTV

4. When the app gets installed on your Firestick, go back to the home screen.

5. Select Settings (Gear icon) and click on the My Fire TV tile.

Select My Fire TV

6. Choose Developer Options and select Install unknown apps.

7. Click the Downloader app and turn it on.

Enable Downloader to stream Stalker IPTV

8. Launch the Downloader app and enter the IPTV Stalker Player APK URL.

Enter the URL of Stalker IPTV

9. Select Go to download the IPTV APK file on the Firestick.

10. Open the downloaded APK and click on Install to get the app on your Firestick.

11. Open the IPTV app after installation and type the necessary IPTV provider details.

12. After loading, choose the content you want and start streaming it on your Firestick.

How to Get IPTV Stalker Player on Smart TV

Android TV users can install the Stalker app directly from the Play Store by following the steps here.

1. Switch on your Android TV and select Apps on the home screen.

2. Go to Play Store and search for IPTV Stalker Player. Choose the app from the results.

Select Play Store to stream Stalker IPTV

3. Click Install, and the app will be installed on your TV.

4. Select Open to launch the IPTV Stalker Player app.

5. After entering, integrate your IPTV playlist within the player.

6. Enjoy watching live TV channels on Android TV after loading the playlist.

Stream IPTV on IPTV Stalker Player

How to Download IPTV Stalker Player on Windows & Mac PC

Android emulator BlueStacks can be used to download the IPTV Stalker Player app on your Windows and Mac PC. Follow the below steps to learn how to do it.

1. Switch on your PC and go to the web browser.

2. Visit the BlueStacks official website and download the BlueStacks emulator file.

3. Open the downloaded file on your PC and select Install.

4. Once the installation is done, launch the BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC.

5. Sign in to the app using your Google account credentials.

6. On the BlueStacks home screen, select the Google Play Store to launch.

Select Play Store

7. Search for IPTV Stalker Player within BlueStacks and select the app from the suggestion.

Enter Stalker IPTV and search for it

8. Click on Install and wait for the installation to be done.

9. Launch the IPTV Player app on BlueStacks and enter the IPTV provider playlist to sign in.

10. At last, select the IPTV content to watch on your PC.

Customer Support

You can contact the developers using the email address found in the app’s description on Google Play Store. Email your concerns to them clearly and you can expect a reply from them within 3 days.

Alternatives to Stalker IPTV

The alternatives for the IPTV Stalker Player are provided here, which are equally efficient and rapidly performing.

IPTV Smarters Player

IPTV Smarters Player

Smarters Player Lite is an efficient media player supporting M3U URL and Xtream Codes API playlists. With this IPTV player, users can resume streaming where they stopped. It supports PiP mode to help users watch various TV channels on the same screen. Further, it is compatible with external players to provide the best streaming experience for the users.

OTT Navigator IPTV

OTT Navigator IPTV

OTT Navigator IPTV is one of the popular IPTV players that is used to access live TV channels and on-demand videos of different IPTV service providers. It supports both M3U URL and Xtream Codes API. The OTT Navigator IPTV app is officially available on the Google Play Store, so you can directly install this app on your Android device. As it is a free player, no subscription is required to access this IPTV player.



Flix IPTV is used to access playlists with the M3U and M3U8 formats. It lets users access IPTV content on 4K quality. This IPTV player is also compatible with external players like VLC & MX player. Users can enable the subtitle feature to access content in other languages. Flix IPTV is a premium player, so you need to make a one-time payment of $7.99 to activate this player. It also offers a 7-day free trial for the users.

Our Review

IPTV Stalker Player is a good IPTV player for watching content from different IPTV providers. It is available for free and does not provide any content on its own. It also gives you a pleasant streaming experience. You need to enter your own content and enjoy streaming it on this IPTV. Unfortunately, Stalker IPTV doesn’t have native support for iOS, which is its only drawback.

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