Bitcoin is going through a difficult situation around the world

Bitcoin is going through a difficult situation around the world, the good news for this sector comes from the American movie theater chain AMC.  

By the end of this year, visitors will be able to purchase cryptocurrency tickets at AMC Halls in various cities in the United States.

This information was in a BBC report on Wednesday (August 11). Adam Aaron, president of AMC, made the announcement at a news conference.  

“We were thinking about how to get involved in the emerging cryptocurrency industry,” said Adam Aaron. The last six months have taught me a lot about cryptocurrency and bitcoin that I haven’t learned in the last decade. This new knowledge gives me the confidence to announce that AMC will receive cryptocurrencies from its clients by the end of this year. Necessary IT infrastructure will be developed during this period.

However, the cryptocurrency market is growing day by day even though it is banned and condemned in many countries of the world including Bangladesh. Bitcoin is also emerging in the mainstream as a method of financial transactions. Recently, US mobile operators such as AT&T, Microsoft and Wikipedia announced their cryptocurrency transactions. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have recently announced massive investments in cryptocurrencies.


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